La Havana

2018 | Personal Project

A ticket to La Havana three days before Trump's restrictions, documented via disposable camera and collaborative haikus.

The four of us spent considerable time beforehand fretting about trouble at customs. We expected heavy scrutiny about our plan to engage in People-to-People exchange, as there were rumblings that the new administration planned to shut the whole thing down.

We passed through the screening without a second glance. We did, however, field a good number of questions from the Cuban people. Almost all conversations started with a joke about Trump, followed by genuine curiosity. We inquired if their lives had changed much post-Fidel. In almost every conversation we came to the uniting consensus that people are people, and government is government. Every interaction stressed a desire for deeper connection between our two worlds, and a swapping of Facebook profiles.


Mi sol eterno
Shh- Me está llamando
Taxi más lindo

Angel Gabriel
Hasta que valga nueve
Fábrica black hole


Viazul beso
Another jovencito
Viñales—a dream

Dance invitation
People to people exchange
And she makes us cry

Delirious walk
Peso change proposition
Cat calls cállense

Captain leaves her post
“I can draw you a picture”
Most questions answered

Monsoon gin rummy
Never remember the wait
Deadly pizza joint

Guagua in the rain
Unequal bathroom shakedown
China más dura

Breakfast con Néstor
Galería sin nombre
Tattoos on entry

“I don’t want money”
La doña me da miedo
En busca de ron

Purpose of travel?
“Oh, just for pleasure, girls trip”
Let’s try again, miss